A Ripple Effect is a non-profit organization giving youth the opportunity to bring security, friendship and smiles to children...

  • struggling with cancer or a serious illness
  • in families affected by a physical or mental illness
  • in families affected by any disability (parent, child, sibling)
  • who have suffered a loss

​When someone suffers from a serious illness, the entire family is affected. Families can be torn apart as they struggle to cope with the physical and emotional stress of cancer, physical, or mental illness. Children can suffer greatly from the disruption to their routine, the lack of support and the trauma of living with illness affecting someone they love. When a child experiences a loss, they may need an 'outside' shoulder to lean on, a reminder that the sun will shine once again, or carved out time to laugh and have fun.

A Ripple Effect steps in, to bring local youth to these children, offering home and hospital visits of love, support, friendship, assistance, tutoring and a warm meal. We offer one-on-one friendship, family and community events.  

Our remedy is to bring fun and camaraderie to help build confidence and abilities. We are here to bring stability to a major challenge. We help children and families find strength through laughter, fun and sharing with others. Our Chicken Soup for the Soul Program will warm the heart, soul and body and lighten the burden of a family struggling with illness or loss.

A Ripple Effect also brings a moment of relief to the parents who are juggling intense responsibilities and stress. It allows them to take a break, focus on their families or tend to their own needs. It serves as a virtual hug, a reminder that their load is shared by friends and a community.  

Our teenage volunteers gain tremendously from being a part of A Ripple Effect. When youth are involved in making a difference, it increases their confidence, teaches them compassion and changes their perspective of the world. Using their spare time and talents toward others prepares them for a future of benevolence and generosity.

A child who is touched by goodness and kindness, is effected forever. The impact of a good deed has an immeasurable Ripple Effect on the doer, the recipient, and the community.

All programs are free of charge.

A Ripple Effect is affiliated with Chabad of Centrepointe, a Canadian non-profit organization.